WCU Shadows: Connecting Students & Alumni

Why is this program important?  

  • Exploring careers is an important part of a student’s professional development, and job shadowing is an excellent way for students to spend “a day in the life” of professionals.
  • Through this program, students can gain insight and information related to job skills, responsibilities, environments, networking, training, and much more.
  • A job-shadowing opportunity helps to provide students with a realistic understanding of the world of employment while guiding them in their career decision-making process.

What does job shadowing mean? 

  • A one-day experience for students hosted by an alumnus or professional at their workplace.
  • An opportunity for a second-year student to be immersed in the host’s daily activities in order to gain a greater understanding of a career field they are interested in pursuing.
  • A non-paid learning experience for which students provide their own transportation and housing.

What should I plan for my student? 

  • Activities that expose them to the workplace environment, your workload, and a realistic look into your career.
  • Conversations in which you share your expertise and passion for your field.
  • An invitation to attend meetings, tour your workplace, and visit with colleagues and clients.
  • Involvement in your work, which can help them evaluate whether this may be a potential career for them.
  • Speaking to a variety of employees in different departments to gain insight into many different functions of your company/industry.
  • Speak with recent hires about their experiences to-date. 

What do students gain from participating?

  • Exploration into career options within their major, or within majors they are highly interested in pursuing.
  • A realistic understanding of and learn more about the daily activities of a specific occupation.
  • Opportunity to ask questions, gather information, and seek advice from their host and other experts.
  • Planning strategy for future involvements and internships.

How can I volunteer to host a student?  


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