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WCUAA Committees

Please choose from the list below to find out about the committees that help advance WCU by engaging all alumni.

Alumni Weekend/Homecoming
Chapter Development
Strategic Planning

Affinity Committee 

The Affinity Committee will meet to estimate the value of current and future partnerships to the Alumni Association. The Affinity Committee will provide an assessment of various partnership opportunities to increase revenues through corporate affinity agreements without violating the “no fundraising” agreement with the University.

Committee Duties

  • Read and analyze proposals and contracts, meet with corporate representative(s) if necessary, and present recommendations to the Executive Council.
  • Develop new and/or enhance services to alumni with consideration to the development of both immediate and long-term projects.
  • Develop and/or expand University programs that mutually benefit current students and alumni through the development of both immediate and long-term goals.
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.
  • Upon approval from the Executive Council, present viable proposals to the Board of Directors to make an informed vote on the partnership.

Alumni Weekend/Homecoming Committees

The Alumni Weekend/Homecoming Committee plans activities and events for Alumni & Homecoming weekends. 

Committee Duties 

  • Develop separate budgets to cover related costs with each event.
  • Plan the traditional kick-off reception to be held the Friday evening of each weekend event, including menus, entertainment, decorations, giveaways, etc.
  • Plan additional activities and events as deemed necessary.
  • Choose the caterers and menus for events.
  • Recruit and assign volunteers for set up, break down, tours, greeters, registration, etc.
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.
  • Alumni Weekend specific responsibilities -
    • Schedule the date for Alumni Weekend, which shall include (but is not limited to) the following:
      • Friday evening kickoff event
      • Annual Alumni Meeting & Luncheon
      • Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner
      • Review the Alumni Weekend program booklet and related promotional material, including magazine advertisements.
      • With the Awards Committee, coordinate flowers, award plaques, and name plates for the Distinguished

Awards/Nominating Committee

The Awards Committee has primary responsibility for selecting each year’s Distinguished Alumni. Additionally, the Awards Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for members of the Association to be recognized for the Service Award.The committee has primary responsibility for the recruitment and screening of nominees for election to the Board of Directors of the Association.

Committee Duties

  • Solicit names of candidates for consideration as the year’s Distinguished Alumni from the membership of the Association.
  • Select, in accordance with the established criteria, the year’s Distinguished Alumni and request approval from the Executive Council.
  • Present the selections to the Board of Directors for its approval.
  • Publicize the names of the year’s Distinguished Alumni to the general membership of the Alumni Association.
  • Plan, in conjunction with the Alumni Weekend Committee, the reception and awards presentation for the year’s Distinguished Alumni, to be held during the annual Alumni Weekend activities.
  • Coordinate flowers, award plaques and name plates for the Distinguished Alumni. Serve as hosts/hostesses to the returning Distinguished Alumni during Alumni Weekend.
  • Recommend nominees to the Board of Directors for the Service Award.
  • Following the year’s selection process, review and evaluate the solicitation, nomination, selection, and awards criteria and make recommendations to the President for implementation in the following year.
  • Make a call for nominations to the membership of the Alumni Association in the University Magazine and on the Alumni Association website.
  • Obtain biographical information and a statement from the nominees for review.
  • Screen the nominations and educate candidates on requirements for board activity.
  • Propose a slate of candidates in accordance with ARTICLE XII Section 3 of the West Chester University Alumni Association Bylaws.
  • Organize a system for the return, verification, and counting of ballots.
  • Report the results of the election to the President of the Association immediately following the counting of the ballots.
  • Upon reporting the results, inform the newly elected board members.
  • Following the year’s election, review and evaluate all aspects of the nominations and election process. Make recommendations for changes in the process, if any, to the Executive Council.
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee has primary responsibility for the interpretation and review of the Association’s bylaws.

Committee Duties 

  • Provide interpretation of the current Alumni Associations’ bylaws in regard to actions, policies and procedures.
  • Recommend revisions to improve the functioning of the Association.
  • Prepare amendments for bylaw changes and present to the Board of Directors.
  • Monitor the Association’s compliance with the bylaws and with the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Recommend prospective chapters to the Board of Directors for admission into the Association.
  • Monitor each chapter’s compliance with the Association’s bylaws
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.

Chapter Development Committee

Committee has primary responsibility to assist the establishment of new alumni chapters and work with current chapters to connect with alumni.

Committee Duties

  • Work in collaboration with Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement to develop and continually update Chapter Manual for prospective chapters.
  • Support the growth and effectiveness of chapters.
  • Meet with chapter leadership to discuss challenges facing chapters and provide resources to assist with the successful operations of our chapters.
  • Provide current chapters with techniques for successful outreach activities and organizational practices.
  • Assist prospective chapters as they seek to become a new chapter of the Association.
  • Work with the Bylaws Committee to prepare prospective chapters for the admission process into the Association. 
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has primary responsibility for maintaining the financial assets of the Association and reviewing the expenditures made by the Association.

Committee Duties

  • Assist the WCUAA’s accountant in maintaining accurate and complete statements of the accounts and funds of the Association.
  • Insure the timely completion of the annual audit of Association assets by an independent public accountancy firm.
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.

Each committee, whether funded by WCUAA or the University, shall submit an budget request to the Finance Committee. The committee shall recommend an annual budget for the Association to the Executive Council for approval, then to Board of Directors for final adoption no later than the March board meeting. The Treasurer shall receive a monthly report of the Association’s revenues and expenditures, including how the funds are spent and the balances in each line-item. The Finance Committee shall review the revenues and expenses of the Association. The Treasurer works with the investment advisor to move funds as needed. The Finance Committee shall work with the treasurer and the investment advisor to maintain a maximum investment time for monies.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee develops ideas for and leads social events throughout the year as outreach to the alumni of West Chester University. This provides alumni with opportunities to meet fellow alumni in a social gathering that fosters networking and personal interaction among our alumni and the Association.

Committee Duties

  • Plan and implement social gatherings as an outreach to our alumni community.
  • Meet the social needs of the alumni, specifically within our region.
  • Organize communications to inform our alumni of these social events.
  • Organize Move-In Day - an event to welcome new students at the beginning of the school year in the late summer.
  • Organize Senior Day/Senior Send-Off - a spring and fall event, which coincide with graduation ceremonies and welcomes the new graduates to the Alumni Association.
  • Organize Rams in the Sand – a summer event at the New Jersey shore.
  • The committee evaluates annually the above three events to determine what changes and/or new activities are needed.
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.

Joint Alumni Association & Foundation Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee has primary responsibility for the administration of the Association/Foundation scholarship program and designated alumni-related scholarships.

Committee Duties
In coordination with the West Chester University Foundation:

  • In coordination with the West Chester University Foundation:
    • Commit to read and rate 60-90 scholarship essays.
    • Complete the application reading and rating in a three-week time period.
    • Use the online tool – Scholarship Manager – to read and rate your scholarship assignments.
    • Attend one (1) pre-reading meeting and one (1) award meeting scheduled by the WCU Alumni Association and WCU Foundation.
    • Help to organize and attend the annual WCU Alumni Association and WCU Foundation Scholarship Ceremony in the fall.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee implements the strategic plan and evaluates major projects, plans and goals for the Association. 

Committee Duties

  • Implement the Association’s strategic plan.
  • Receive progress reports on strategic objectives, goals and tasks from responsible parties.
  • Evaluate major projects, proposals and goals.
  • Recommend programs and projects in support of the Association’s mission as it relates to the evolving needs of the organization.
  • Report activities to and provide minutes of meetings to the Executive Council.
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