Chester County Chapter

Welcome to the Chester County Chapter of the WCU Alumni Association!

The purpose of the Chapter shall be to promote the interests of West Chester University in all areas of academic, cultural, and social needs; to strengthen the Association through a strong network of graduates; and to increase alumni awareness of the University's needs. In accordance with the University’s Affirmative Action Policy, the West Chester University Alumni Association does not discriminate “on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, religious creed, disability, or veterans’ status. Nor does the Association allow any forms of sexual harassment.”

Any person graduating from West Chester University, or its predecessors, that lives or works in or around the Chester County region of Pennsylvania, shall be a member of the Chapter. All non-graduates who have attended West Chester University or its predecessors for at least two semesters and whose classes have graduated may become members of the Chester County Chapter upon request.

Current Executive Board Officers:

  • Kyle Rheiner, President
  • Andrea Hogg, Vice President 
  • Andrew Sweet, Secretary
  • Mike McKnight, Treasurer
Nominations are OPEN!

If you are interested in joining the Chester County Alumni Chapter, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at

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  • Annual Meeting and Chapter elections - Wednesday, August 7th at 6:00PM
    • Alumni & Foundation Center
    • Call-in Information: 
      • Dial +1 646-558-8656
      • Meeting ID: 723 045 503
Chester County Chapter Nominations
Currently seeking nominations for the Executive Board. Positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

All Nominees must live and/or work in Chester County to hold an executive board member position. Nominations are OPEN.

Elections will take place at Annual Meeting:
Wednesday, August 7th at 6PM
Alumni & Foundation Center Boardroom

Open to all alumni to attend.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 Please enter NOMINEE for PRESIDENT full name and Class Year.
 Class Year
2 Please enter NOMINEE for VICE PRESIDENT full name and Class Year.
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3 Please enter NOMINEE for SECRETARY full name and Class Year.
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4 Please enter NOMINEE for TREASURER full name and Class Year.
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5 * Please enter YOUR contact information.
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